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Anonymous asked:
I love the make up!

Thank you dear! I will definitely be doing it more often ^.^

Not sure how I feel about this eye makeup. Opinions?

Give me boobs or give me death

Anonymous asked:
why don't u post on Instagram anymore???

Haven’t really had much to post and I’m not gonna torture my friends with selfies all the time. I’m trying to get some stuff to post but it’s hard cause I’m busy with school and work

Anonymous asked:
I know how you feel. A bunch of my books fell out of my locker, then I tripped up the stairs, and was late to my 7th hour. This happened within a course of 5 minutes, lol we all have those days

Yeah haha, it sucks. I have cuts and bruises and I hurt my ankle :/

Anonymous asked:
Then what's your favorite genre?

Either metalcore, alternative, or acoustic

Anonymous asked:
Who's your favorite band?

Oh god, no, don’t make me pick, I will implode

Anonymous asked:
You're my tumblr crush!! You're so cute!!!

Awh, thank you so much! I’m proud to be your tumblr crush, dear <3

In bed hurt and hiding from the world

I fell down my concrete stairs today and fucked up my body. Hurray..